Lifestyle Design: 5 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

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Some of the most effective ways to improve your lifestyle design choices are much easier than a lot of people let on. Lots of articles and blog posts indicate that forming healthy habits can be a daunting task, but health experts and lifestyle gurus all around the world have lots of advice to help you on the path to success. Often overlooked aspects in our everyday lives like architecture, interior design, and outdoor living spaces can have profound effects on our mood, productivity, and overall mental health.

1 – Knowing What Lifestyle Design is All About

It all starts with a well-defined goal. Knowing what you want to represent and focusing on the passions that define you will start you on the right road to achieving your goals. Here at, we define ourselves by a strong meditative relationship with the experiences we have with the people and things around us, both in business and in the natural world.

2 – Clean Concept Design

A recent study published by psychologist Natali Ricci proves that “good architectural design has clear psychological and physiological benefits” that go beyond just a superficial design. Planning, designing, submitting and implementing an architectural plan is essential in pursuing a more enjoyable life.

3 – Just Breath

We do it all day, every day. Breathing as a stress management tool, however, can be one of the most useful tools in our repertoire. Closely tied with meditative practices, techniques like “square” or “box” breathing can help to give us a chance to gather our thoughts before moving on to the next step in whatever it is we’re doing. They can also allow us an encouraging chance to look back at what we’ve already accomplished.

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A field of lavender for a moment of respite and freshness

4 – Inside out

Keeping a clear mental space is equally as important as keeping a clear physical space. While architecture can play a big role, interior design has been proven to improve nearly every aspect of professional and home life. With over 10 million copies sold worldwide, Marie Kondo has taken off in the last few years by outlining techniques to organize one’s life. Her biggest goal is helping people determine whether or not each thing in a person’s life brings them joy, and this is a staple when cleaning up not just our drawers and our garages, but also our websites, offices, and relationships.

Marie Kondo – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Talks at Google

5 – Outside in

Value in interior design goes hand in hand with the opportunities available for our gardens, outdoor spaces, and beautification. While we may spend most of our time inside when we’re home, the time we spend outdoors allows us the chance to entertain guests, as well as take time for ourselves. Based on our personal goals of bringing our lifestyle closer to nature, we focus on gardens and outdoor living as another means to improving your life. Recently published by researchers at the University of Michigan, an article on “stress reduction through contact with nature” indicates that taking just 20 minutes a day to be around nature in any sense can drastically reduce stress.

In conclusion

Beginning with your own personal goals and principles, it is crucial to define the things you’re passionate about. Developing aesthetically-pleasing physical spaces for yourself and your customer base is the next step in improving quality of life. Taking a minute to breath and realize not just where you’re going, but where you’ve been is dire in a daily journey to enlightenment. Never forget to appreciate the beauty we’re given with each inhale and exhale. And lastly, focusing on organizing and designing both interior and exterior spaces will undoubtedly lead you to success.

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