Essential: Visual Art Will Improve Your Lifestyle

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Visual Art is everywhere, in everything, whether we consciously acknowledge this fact of life or not. is a testament to this. Visual Art is the very essence through which we exist and create our individual and collective realities. Art has many shapes, forms, and dimensions, and it can be used to cultivate an enriching, healthy, and organized lifestyle. Health has many different meanings depending on culture and location, and it is quite multifaceted when we take into account the areas of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. All of these areas play a role in the larger picture of a healthy lifestyle, and staying healthy and organized as an artist and creator can be especially challenging!

There are many benefits of striving to live a healthy, organized lifestyle. Some of these include a clear mind, reduced risk of disease, improved memory, a better mood, and happier life. Visual Art holds a plethora of opportunities to help create and maintain these very important qualities.

The Significance of Visual Art and Its Many Mediums in Everyday Existence

All types of creations and inventions are expressions of visual art. Humanity and its infinite intricacies are expressions of visual art. Human expression channeled through different forms of art, such as digital art, textual art, graphic design, interior design, architecture, photography, film, technology, and personal branding, is what brings richness and meaning to the world that we are a part of.

These expressions also serve as points of connection and relation between both individuals and groups, bridging cultures, histories, hardships, celebrations, and differences, while also paving new pathways for the future. Visual Art brings us into contact with the unknown, the untouched, and the unspoken. It shows up in the spaces and times where ordinary communication is not enough, and where we seem to have forgotten the beauty of what lies beyond.

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Visual Art in Time Square by Fernando Mastrangelo and BrookLandscape for NYCxDESIGN on Dwell

Each of these mediums hold something special and unique in terms of creating an experience that reaches beyond the mundane; they provide the opportunity for humans to bring something to life that previously may have only existed deep within their imagination. Maybe they weren’t even sure their dreams or ideas were possible until they took action to make them a reality, or until they saw others do the same and became inspired.

Visual art has endless potential and possibility to enhance, inform, and direct experience or a project, whether it be personal or business-related. The intentionally crafted design infuses a brand with vitality, intrigue, and character.  

The Power of Visual Art, Design, and Branding and Their Influence on Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness

One of the greatest things about visual art and design is its power to shape and influence mental and psychological health, which references. This can be done intentionally, although it happens also at a subconscious level. These forms of art can be used for healing purposes.

There is even an article written about the power that art has in calming anxiety—this woman had trouble with anxiety attacks affecting her daily life, and she discovered that making trips to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was her cure! She became so “immersed in the artwork” that she soon forgot about her anxiety, and became able to be present at the moment. This is one example of how visual art can affect the mind and give people who experience anxiety, depression, and difficult emotions space or an outlet to feel more understood and at peace.

Another article focuses on a web series created by a NYC artist who used art to confront his demons. This project aims to approach mental health in a compassionate and productive way, validating people’s experiences and working to uncover the deeper truths and reasons behind the emotions. Ultimately, it aims to inspire other artists to use creativity to cultivate wellness, wholeness, and to use art as a form of release.

Similarly, in an article titled “Using 2D Animation to Explore Depression and Grief,” director Gabriel Bruskoff talks about his short film which focuses on a 13-year-old girl and her relationship with her dad after the passing of her mom. It sheds light on the contrasting ways in which each of them processed their emotions of the situation, and is based on the lived experiences of the director and his friend. Their ultimate goals in the creation of this film project were authenticity and self-acceptance: they wanted their audience to be able to relate to the art and its message, which would ease feelings of loneliness and isolation during common, yet complex, experiences of grief.

Using Interior Design Techniques to Boost Health and Organization

A bit of a different example would be utilizing architecture and interior design to cultivate spaces of health, wellness, and organization, as displayed by this article. This can be done on a micro to macro level: for example, in a home or studio, in a larger business or corporation, or in a more public social space, like a park, gym, or wellness center. By intentionally utilizing design and incorporating calming visual elements, spaces for rest and relaxation, and separate spaces geared towards productivity and focus, one can create a functional arena for a healthy lifestyle, while at work or recreation.

In these ways, health can be supported in a physical environment, and in an everyday setting, rather than only when one is experiencing illness and has to go to a doctor or a hospital. When health, wellness, and organization are prioritized in all areas of society, personal and public, then there will be less illness and dysfunction present as a result. This type of design has the ability to bring more balance into society—physically, emotionally, and spiritually, especially if we gear our focus towards visual art itself and the power of design and creation to influence one’s state of being.

Branding and Design as Lifestyle Methods of Organization and Inspiration

Additionally, the use of branding, on both personal and commercial levels, has the power to shape the consumer’s lifestyle. This can range anywhere from their mood or attitude, to their daily activities and habits, such as exercise, cooking, meditation, goal setting, etc. It all depends on what the brand is promoting and influencing, which is what helps to establish.

Artists and designers are often known to have trouble staying organized and leading a healthy, balanced life, yet the success of one’s business and creations depends on the health, wellness, and organized lifestyle of the artist and creator themselves. The process of creation isn’t always neat or easy to predict since inspiration can strike spontaneously, but here is an article that references some tips for sustaining an organized lifestyle in order to help your business thrive.

Visual Art and Lifestyle Branding Conclusion

It is clear that bringing more elements of visual art, design, and branding into daily life can shift people into a more balanced, peaceful, healthy, and inspired way of living. The potentials that exist for art to add to humanity are limitless, and if enough people collaborate in using them for a better, more holistic world, then change will occur, beginning right in Louisville, KY.

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