What is Search Engine Optimization and the Best Steps?

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What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to improving both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. This can be done in a number of different ways, and it’s important to note that quality of traffic is one of the most crucial aspects of improving your SEO. By that, we mean that it can be much more beneficial to cater your search to certain APIs or Application Programming Interfaces. The process of optimizing SEO can become very daunting and confusing, but 7000rpm.life makes it quite simple. Experts in every step of the process, from Content Creation to Site Mapping and Linking, our team helps by leaving the fun stuff to you. 

How does Google even work?

That’s why keywords are the most important tool in utilizing SEO. Relevancy is key! It’s often mentioned that Google uses 200 different factors to determine what is relevant, but the main thing to remember is that you want your business popping up for exactly what a person is searching for. For instance, when searching for “Louisville Branding Company,” our main goal is that 7000rpm.life shows up in order to help you out. Successful linking means that SEO-friendly searches yield the highest click rate, and that once a user clicks on the link, they stay on your site. A great way to understand how to optimize your website for ideal SEO performance is to use an SEO analysis tool.

How Google can work for you

Understanding the basics of Google is the first step in creating a website that drives traffic from search engine tools. But there are more complex ways to allow Google to do more of the work for you when designing a website. Crawling is a term used for describing how a search engine visits each page of your site and reads every bit of information. As it does so, it also indexes the information, as you might think of an index in a book or encyclopedia. By indexing your content, it can quickly find that information when a search is performed. The last step is that the search engine ranks your content based on its relevance to the search.

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Search Engine Optimization Steps – Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking

On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO

Simply put, on-page SEO is what tells both Google and the person searching that your page has everything they’re looking for. It can be as general as finding our site by searching “Louisville Web Design,” or by searching something much more detailed and niche, like “Louisville datacollecting plugins and content.” On-page SEO really counts in certain site mapping spots such as in the title, body, or image descriptions, and also that your content includes related words.

Off-page SEO becomes a little more nuanced in that it relates directly to what are called backlinks, including pingbacks, trackbacks, and smart backlinks. This essentially translates to other websites using your site as a reference. It is important when building a brand to maintain good relationships with people both professionally and online, so that they may post to your website in the future. Networking is one of the most powerful tools when building up your SEO and this can come in the forms of things like social media or video links. 


A common misconception in online marketing is that throwing money at a company will inherently make it better. This is not entirely true. While investing capital in things like PPC campaigns, or pay-per-click campaigns, can improve the number of traffic your website receives, there are other factors that can come in much more handy. Organic results on Google are unpaid results for a specific query, and are often the best means to drive quality traffic. Another very helpful tool, PageRank, is an algorithm that measures the importance of website pages based on Google, which is by far the top-used search engine.

According to a very helpful video on SEO for beginners produced by Monster Insights, about 90% of searches are conducted on Google, and fewer than 10% of people conducting searches will click on the next page. If they don’t find what they’re looking for right away, they will simply type something else in the search bar. The top three organic results on a search typically rake in 70% of the traffic for clicks., so it’s very important to utilize every available tool to get to the top of the results list. 

Mobile friendly is SEO friendly

In the last quarter of 2019, over 60% of searches were conducted on mobile devices, and trends suggest that sites like Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Bing are all pushing more SEO features on mobile. That said, it’s more important now than ever to keep mobile-friendly user interfaces in the forefront of your web development. Even more than just relevancy in your content, it’s crucial to capitalize on people using their phones to not only search for your content, but also to share.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s public search liaison tweeted in 2018 that Google switched its primary indexing tool to mobile-first. Remember when we mentioned how important off-page SEO is? Here is where it can drastically improve your backlinking – a responsive and well-designed web page can allow users to easily find what it is they’re searching for, and also allow them the chance to simply click a share button, increasing that valuable organic activity.

Who’s BERT?

While certain SEO strategies have been helpful for years, the most recent addition to the online landscape was Google’s implementation of their BERT algorithm, what they’ve called “one of the biggest leaps forwards in the history of Search.” BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, which basically means that it helps Google to better understand the context of words in search queries. In terms of on-page SEO, it will help the machine side of search engines differentiate certain words to optimize the correct results. This is a huge leap for people developing websites now, and will help your site yield more organic traffic. 

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Hire professionals to piece together your website and branding plan with SEO at the forefront.

SEO Looking forward

Now let’s jump into what it means for you and what it means for the future of SEO. A recent article by Danny Goodwin of the Search Engine Journal delved into some of the most important things to know about SEO in the near future. A few of the most important takeaways from his research indicate that the landscape of proper SEO analysis comes from adapting to your user base. Things change very fast in the online world, and being able to see trends and adapt is what can set you out from your competition. Although keyword searches are vital for maximizing SEO, it’s been noted by a number of SEO professionals that understanding user intent will be the next step.

It will become more and more important for developers and business owners to be able to understand what a user intends to search for, and perhaps not just what they’re typing in. This is something of a super-human skill, and things like Google Adwords and strategic site URLs will become increasingly important. An aspect of this journey will focus not just on the purchase point, but also beyond the purchase point, so that content creators should implement aspects that appeal to consumers’ needs in things like support, community building, future purchases, and sharing with their friends and families. 

Lifestyle in YOUR businesS SEO

Basically, the biggest thing that will come in the future for SEO is that developers and business owners will need to focus less on the industrial side of things, and more on the people who are purchasing their goods and services. Perhaps now it’s more relevant than ever to focus more on your neighbor and understand not just how you can convince them to stay on your page and buy your product, but also to understand how you can actually help them.

Our mission at 7000rpm.life is always to put people first and this is just another aspect of that. It becomes too daunting to develop strategies on your own, and so being part of a collaborative team can help make things much easier. A company’s core values are apparent to users almost immediately when they visit a page, and knowing how you can improve a user’s first impression can help them to stay on your site longer and maybe even share what they find. Your brand is what you’re selling more than products, so make it as presentable as possible. 

Content is king

Perhaps the most common piece of advice when building SEO strategies is to create great content. This may come as a no-brainer but it’s very important to know what counts as great content when trying to boost organic click rates for your site. Of course when creating copy for a website, you’re not going to put out anything less than the best in your eyes, but one thing that can come in handy is to look at what else is out there, and to find a way to be a little bit different. It’s important to understand your competition, and therefore know how to stand apart. One strategy to do this is to implement more than just one keyword in your campaign.

You can edit your keywords just a little bit in order to make your website link stand out. For instance, while it’s important for a website like 7000rpm.life to include keywords like “Lifestyle” and “Branding,” it can be even more helpful to include things like “Interior Design Lifestyle,” or “Branding for small businesses.” Grabbing just a few more words can drastically improve your results.

The next step is to build on these keyword phrases across multiple platforms. You can have the phrases appear as many times as you want on your own website, but to reach across to other websites and have them backlink to your home base is critical. It’s important to know what sites your user base frequent and what kind of language will be successful in grabbing their attention, so consider building public profiles up on sites like Linkedin, Youtube, or Pinterest, depending on what it is you’re going for. 

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Curated content specific to your brand with researched topics and keywords will lead to more traffic and a stronger brand.

Monitoring your SEO

While it’s important to understand the strategies that go into successful search engine optimization, monitoring data is the best way to learn to adapt. There are tools built directly into some of the biggest sites, such as Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner, which serve to capture the data and display it in an easy-to-understand format. According to some of the leading SEO researchers, there are certain aspects of tracking SEO that stand out much more than others, and knowing exactly how to find these aspects can help you to increase the ever-so-valuable organic traffic to your site.

One of these aspects is one that most people hate to admit – organic bounce rate. This is a term used to describe how many users left your site after viewing only one page. The lower the percentage of bounce rate, the better your site’s layout is for keeping people there. Another very important aspect to consider in monitoring your SEO are the top exit pages for organic traffic. This indicates the last page that people visit before leaving your site, and it can be very helpful to address these pages in order to try and make them more interesting, or less wordy, in order to let people stay on your site longer. 

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Analyze your traffic and learn how to strengthen your web presence through social media, strategic keywords, and an efficient marketing plan.

Making your SEO count

While understanding the bases of SEO can be very daunting and confusing at first, it can greatly improve the success of your website and eventually your business. The content covered in this article is truly the tip of the iceberg, and there is always more to learn when developing and maintaining a website. Even more than what is out there right now, new strategies are growing every day in the evolving world of online marketing, so it can be very helpful to stay tuned to new blog posts and videos, and to stay tuned to your peers and other professionals in the industry. 

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